Secure the Tag ;)

With so many digital solutions and their accompanying tags (snippets of tracking code or pixels) cropping up everywhere, you might be tempted to install any and everything on to your website so you are a tracking ninja.

Well take a step back and pause before you do this. What information is truly necessary for you to make quality data-driven decisions? Do you really need to see a visualisation of every customer’s user experience on your website? Maybe not.

Once you have set some clarity in place in line with your website and business needs, you can streamline the tags you do want to install on your website.

Now here comes the fun bit… using a Tag Management System (TMS). A TMS is a tool that allows you to manage and deploy marketing tags on your site without having to modify the code. This makes it easy for non-technical website owners to make changes without involving their developers. It keeps all your tags in one location so it is easy to set-up, amend and manage them.

My all-time favourite is Google Tag Manager which is a free tool for smaller websites with its added advantage of tying in beautifully with the rest of the Google platforms.

Simply set up an account on and have the code deployed on your back end by a developer. After this initial set-up, you’ll be free to become the tracking ninja you’ve always wanted to be, embrace it!